Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Why blog? Why now?

If I was asked to describe myself with one word, I would confidently speak my favorite word: Catholic.

I have just returned from SEEK 2013, a national Fellowship of Catholic University Students ( conference, and it was the most wonderful, educational, inspirational, exhausting, prayerful, glorious weeks of my life! Imagine being surrounded by friends and scholars while bearing witness to over 50 speakers, 125 priests, dozens of sisters and religious, teaching the grace and glory of God through the truth of the Catholic Church. These men and women use their gifts and talents as speakers, listeners, musicians, etc. to glorify God every day!

It was an amazing, life changing experience. Together, along with 6,200 other Catholic college students, I could attend daily mass, adoration, confession, and ask questions of the experts around me. We asked a lot of those around us, but I felt I needed to ask a few questions of myself: How am I living my life to serve God? And what are God's gifts to me?

These are hard questions to ask and they're tougher still to answer, but important. If I can identify my God-given gifts and strengths, then perhaps I can find the correct path to glorifying him, and more easily identify his calling for my life. 

A few ideas of my talents came to my mind immediately, but I doubt the New Evangelization calls for a Netflix troller or Sporcle player extraordinaire.

Words are useful though. I know words. Sometimes I can even put them together coherently, and I have had a journal for as long as I can remember. So a new resolution this year is to devote time every week researching, writing and discussing topics in my life as a woman in college with the ever truthful and wise perspective of the Catholic Church.