Thursday, February 5, 2015

My Favorite Things From This Week

Yesterday and today have been totally awesome days with totally awesome conversations. I took a psychology class in college where the professor described this ideal work state of an artist, known as “being in flow” when the work flows from them because of the perfect level of challenging-ness and concentration. I think I’ve been in “flow” with Christ and Evangelization for the last two days. God is working in my conversations and interactions with these women and giving me glimpses of His eternal Joy.

Here we have it! My favorite things from this week:

I loved walking into the chapel and running into students praying together as boyfriend and girlfriend because they want their relationship rooted in Christ.

I loved when a conversation about adventures during winter break led a student to tell me how they came to build a growing, personal relationship with Christ through prayer, fellowship and the sacraments.

I loved getting to a level of openness in conversation where a student trusted me enough to ask, “How do you love someone who hates you?” and I loved when the Holy Spirit reminded me of a homily from 8 years ago which exemplifies the answer

I loved when multiple students asked me when bible studies are and how they can get more involved.

I loved when students, inspired by the SEEK conference, told me how they have chosen to devote more time to prayer and mass, and asked how they can help their friends to know the truth as well.

I loved when I rescheduled my holy hour and make my way to the chapel, only to find a student who needed to talk about an important upcoming decision.

I loved when I went from an “art date” at the museum to a lunch date to a coffee date to a study break date to a group coffee date to the chapel to teach someone how to pray more dynamically

I loved when the snow cancelled my bible studies but the girls met anyway because they wanted to share in fellowship. And I loved even more when students rearranged their schedule to have a make up study at a different time in the week

God is good! All the time! 

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